We’re bloody 7!

Today is our seventh birthday! Holey McMoley that is insane! How we have survived this long I will never know.


The stats tell us that most small businesses don’t last long, and with my business experience and knowledge prior to opening CrossFit Cranbourne / Valor back in 2013, you’d definitely put the odds against us.

Am I undervaluing my business abilities, or I am full of blind confidence and a lack of fear?

I’m going with the latter.

“It’s better to have tried and failed than to live life wondering what would’ve happened if I had tried.” – Alfred Tennyson

When you’re deep in the middle of running any business, amongst all the admin, marketing, banking, cleaning, serving, teaching, dealing, learning, creating and stressing, it can become very easy to forget to stop, sit back and have a good ‘ol look at what your work has created. Many business owners never do and eventually finish up (or die) feeling unaccomplished and full of discontent. Feeling like all it was was an endless struggle with minimal reward. Unfortunately for them all of the reward was there, they just never allowed themselves a chance to appreciate it. Or maybe there was only one variable they were using as a measure of success ($$$).

When I force myself to stop (which is something I pretty much didn’t do the first 4-5 years of operating), I make sure I spend some time reflecting on all of this effort. I couldn’t be more proud of the place we have created and the incredible impact it has had on so many lives.

The sole mission of this business is to positively change lives. And by fuck haven’t we done it!

To look over the years and see new lifelong friendships (and loves) begin and flourish, to see people get their life back physically, mentally and spiritually, to see children inspired to be strong and healthy by their parents, to see the transformation of entire families from ill and miserable to healthy and full of love and newfound values and purpose… to witness and be a part of all of these events happen due to the influence of this gym, it is the ultimate success.

Is our gym perfect? Absolutely not.
Have we pissed off and let down a few people? Absolutely.
Have we got our own tribe of haters? You couldn’t call yourself successful if you didn’t have haters could you 😉

What is important is that we constantly work to be better. We learn and adapt from our mistakes and we learn and adapt to ensure our members are getting the very best of us and our promise to them.

We care a lot.

I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of a facility that is so much more than a gym. I’m grateful for the wonderful staff that help make this place as amazing as it is, and I am forever grateful for all of the incredible people that have come and gone and those that are here today that make this place so special. It is an absolute privilege to be the director of this gym,

A Happy 7th Birthday to us and a guilt free pat on the back too.


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