“Indeed, how could exile be an obstacle to a person’s own cultivation, or to attaining virtue when no one has ever been cut off from learning or practicing what is needed by exile?” – Musonius Rufus

Don’t let your circumstances stop you from reaching your goal or doing the work you require towards a better ‘you’. There is always a way, obstacles can always be overcome. Even moreso, new and innovative methods for achieving one’s own personal excellence are born from obstacles, forced change and exile… because there is no other option. The alternative is to sit on your hands and become a victim of circumstance, rolling around in self pity.

But we’ve all done that now, it doesn’t serve us well. We know this. Like Theodore Roosevelt had said when he was told he may become wheelchair bound, “All Right! I can work that way too!”, so can we.

But remember, in order to overcome the obstacle or innovate new pathways, one must be open minded enough to allow new and unexpected ideas to be considered. But before that, one must be ‘still’ enough to allow any quality thought at all.

Get some rest, slow down, remove the noise.