The Fitness Industry is a fucking mess.

The only other group of people on the planet that pedal as much bullshit, manipulate as many minds and blatantly misinform desperate unassuming people for their own financial gain are politicians.

The goal of the fitness industry is to build fitter, stronger, healthier, more physically capable bodies…

Yet the industry defines ultimate ‘fitness’ success as standing up on stage in glitter undies, covered in layers of tan, starved and malnourished (so depleted a female couldn’t even reproduce) and without a dime of care as to what unethical methods you took to get there.

The goal of the fitness industry is to teach people how to effectively nourish their bodies with food to support an active lifestyle and reduce chronic disease…

Yet the industry sells fad diets, fat burners, skinny tea’s and epically low-calorie meal plans (originally only designed for patients prepping for gastric band surgery) in order to give ‘quick fix’ results and keep consumers at arms length on the truth.

The goal of the fitness industry is to help regain people’s self esteem and confidence in themselves…

Yet supplement companies and gyms use images of unsustainable, unattainable, genetically gifted, photoshopped ‘beautiful’ people’s bodies to aspire to, use the weight scales and body fat scales to measure results and generally don’t give a shit about you or you welfare once you’ve paid your membership fees and are locked into their contract.

The goal of the fitness industry is to help people learn and understand what they need to do in order to get their health back…

Yet we are surrounded by gyms playing to our weaknesses as humans by feeding our weak desires for immediate satisfaction. Rather than providing honest, sustainable systems to ensure real health and fitness. Using gimmicks, key terms and phrases such as ‘fat burning zone’, ‘lean muscle’, ‘fasted cardio’, ‘insulin spike’ and ‘speed up your metabolism’ all to help sell the dream that they can ‘do it all quicker’!

“It’s easy, just join our 6-week FAT SHREDDING challenge! We’ll ensure you are pumped up with excitement on the first week, but don’t worry, you will fucking hate every minute following… as you under-eat, over-train, become more and more sore, have no energy to work or enjoy your days, beat yourself up with pressure every time you step on the scales for your weekly weigh-in, starve yourself more and train even harder when the result ‘isn’t good enough’, but hold onto that glimmer of hope when we tell you ‘you’re doing great! Only 4 weeks to go and then you can relax! Just start skipping breakfast and It’ll all be worth it in the end when you’re skinny! ‘Cos as we all know, skinny = happiness!’”

Fuck off.

Who cares how we get you that result.

Who cares about your health and welfare following that result.

Who cares about the misguided views and unhealthy perceptions of body image we’ve manipulated you with that you now cannot remove from your psyché.

Who cares about the anxiety pumping obsessive relationship you now have with food.

Who cares that you’re now too scared to eat a carbohydrate.

Who cares that you now cannot stop stepping on the scales EVERY day and you define all of your health and happiness based on the movement of that number.

Who cares that we allowed you to dabble in steroids because of your body image insecurities, which lead to a massive ego problem, which lead to a cocaine addiction, which lead to your suicide. (A true and tragic story)

Who cares that you’ve completely forgotten why you joined us in the first place… ‘cos you’re stuck with us for another 6 months.

Because we got you that result.

And we get to throw your picture and kg number up all over the place to get a tonne more vulnerable people through our doors and locked into contracts and sold magic pills and potions, and convinced to pay for stage training and meal plans and one-on-one pt’s to do 5 different types of bicep curl.

Fitness Industry… you are a joke.

All hope isn’t lost though. When most trainers decided to get into the industry in the first place it was because they wanted to make a difference. They do care and they do want to help.

The industry is currently lead by tyrants that would give Donald Trump a run for his ego.

We just need new leaders.

The more gyms and trainers that can teach our members to…

Go to the gym just 3 or so times a week with the intent to just enjoy their training, work hard for that hour and do it suitable to their current fitness level and goals.

Move more in their day to day. The western world is so, so sedentary. Not enough gym is not our problem.

Eat less in relation to how much they move. Eat an amount that supports steady gradual fat loss so they can continue to go about their day without feeling like a sultana.

Understand the importance of quality nutrition, the importance of ALL 3 macronutrients, but also the importance of living your life and not EVER feeling guilty for consuming something ‘bad’. There is no bad food, just an overconsumption of energy dense food.

Base their success off the things they actually value and metrics that make sense. Clothing size, self esteem, sense of belonging, ability to run around with your kids, improvement in sport, ability to look down and see your own penis.

Build positive habits, develop a resilient mindset and enjoy the process and the challenge.

… the greater the industry will be and the greater the state of health of our obese and mentally struggling nations will be.

At our gym, this is our mission.


PS –

To all the members of our gym… stay tuned as we are soon to be bringing in some EPIC changes to our gym. We have never been more excited about our direction.

To non-in gym members, you won’t be left out either.

We have a plan and we want to help lead the way to a better fitness industry.

The fitness industry you all deserve.