I don’t really believe much in luck, I think sometimes things come together at a convenient or seemingly coincidental time, but they only popped up because of the action you took leading up to that event. Ain’t nobody that sits around on their arse most days ever experienced many lucky opportunities.
We are a direct result of the actions we choose to make, absolutely no one is responsible for our outcomes but us.
I have some great experiential stories I love to tell, many surrounding some wild escapades while living in the United States as a 20 year old exchange student.
Like flying a small aeroplane to Big Bear in California, be given the control wheel to steer it through a valley by myself, only to then land at a very small air strip (no bigger than Tooradin) and bump into THE Angelina Jolie in the terminal.
“You lucky bastard!” People will always say.
Yeh, I was lucky for the opportunity, but that opportunity didn’t exist unless I took action on quite a few things over quite a period of time:
  1. Took the effort to check out the stalls at an open day at my university. (Aug, 2009)
  2. Decided to go on university exchange and went through the very lengthy and difficult process to actually make it happen. (Aug, 2009)
  3. Explored the world of couch surfing and decided to collaborate a bunch of people together onto an RV trip from LA to Miami, leading to me meeting a fellow named Ryan right at the beginning of our trip. (Feb, 2010)
  4. Built a great relationship with Ryan based on fun, selflessness, generosity, taking genuine interest in each other’s lives (learning that he was a pilot), plus a bit of a “let’s take any opportunity that comes” attitude. (Feb, 2010)
  5. Maintained contact with Ryan while at College. (Mar-Jun, 2010)
  6. Once my College semester was over in Oregon I decided to head back to California. When I let Ryan know I was ‘goin’ goin’ back back to Cali Cali’ he was more than happy to have me crash at his apartment in Venice Beach, leading to him taking a day off, borrowing a clients very expensive small airplane and offering me the opportunity to go fly with him just a few days after my 21st Birthday. (Jun, 2010)
Was I lucky? Possibly. I bumped into the right person at the right time.
Absolutely none of this would have happened if I:
  1. Didn’t bother to look at the Uni stalls.
  2. Decided that going on exchange was too hard or too scary.
  3. Wussed out of setting up my crazy RV adventure and instead went on Contiki or stayed at a hotel by the pool.
  4. Was a selfish 20something arrogant jerk that paid no interest in anyone but myself.
  5. Decided not to stay in contact with Ryan.
  6. Didn’t say “hell yes!” when the opportunity to fly a plane was presented to me.
I was solely responsible for this experience of a lifetime.
The same goes for our jobs, our relationships and our health and fitness.
If I am stuck in a horrible job that I hate…. firstly, you’re never STUCK in a job, that’s absolute BS. Do you know what is crazier than taking the plunge out of the job you studied for and think you should be doing, even though you hate it? Staying in that job. That is mind blowingly insane… I am responsible for making a change, making that job better, or, getting the F out of that job.
If I am currently in a rut with my wife… we aren’t communicating, not spending quality time together, not being nice to each other, resent each other, not having regular/any sex… I am responsible for taking action and making a change, sorting our shit out and getting ourselves back on track, or, getting the F out of that relationship.
*”oh but she is responsible too!?”
Yeah no shit, but you can only control what you can control, and that’s you, not her. Do what YOU can do, be a F’ing grown up, drop the ego, take the high road, take responsibility. If she means that much to you than get off your high horse and take action.
If I am currently very overweight, spending too little time moving my body and too much time eating junk… it’s not my jobs fault for being stressful and restricting my time, it’s not the weather’s fault, it’s not because my friend won’t join me at the gym, it’s not because my boyfriend is a trash disposal unit that can et anything and still have abs and I have to eat very strict to lose weight (btw, his insides look terrible, don’t be fooled by the abs, he is a blood clot waiting to happen), it’s not because I have all these social events and I can’t not have at least 6 Bourbon and Coke’s… it is because I am not taking the necessary action to make a change.
You are a direct result of the action YOU take. YOU and YOU only are responsible for your outcomes.
YOU can make positive changes to your life if and only if YOU accept responsibility and decide to take action.

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Flying the Cirrus Aircraft / TAKING ACTION
Big Bear, CA
Angelina Jolie’s Plane