Okay I promise to try to keep this as non-ranty as possible. This email is not intended in any way to be a bitch fest, but more so a friendly wake up call. This might be a fairly short email…

When you ask someone for advice, and then you don’t use the advice (or barely attempt to), and then you come back to the same person again asking for advice about the same issue…

Please stop.

Try the advice first. There is a reason you have been given this specific advice to try. You asked this person because you clearly value their opinion, judgement or professional expertise. The person you have asked is giving you the very best advice they can give based on their experience and knowledge to provide you with the best practices they know of.

The only reason you have come back to them (or another person of the same expertise) looking for more advice is because you want an easier answer. You want a shortcut. You can’t be fucked giving the advice you were given a chance. You are hoping like heck that they drop a magic pill into your hand that does it all for you.

It’s not going to happen.

This is obviously so very common in the fitness world, but it happens everywhere. Business advice, relationship advice, financial advice, get better at your sport advice… you need a problem solved? Well we’ve got someone for you! With a plethora of experience, knowledge and tools to get you exactly where you need to go, right there at your convenience for you to completely ignore so you can continue on searching for the “answer”.

Did you know that if you took the initial advice you were given, you’d be miles ahead of where you are right now? You might even be there already! But! Here you are making excuses, blaming circumstances, blaming others, still searching for the “answer”.

Here’s the answer.

There is no shortcut. There is no magic pill. There is no magic business button or relationship
hole 😉 that will give you just what you want. You have to take the advice, do your own research, make a plan, and most importantly, start. Even with absolutely no advice, you would still be able to figure out how to move yourself in the direction you wish to go and at least get off the mark. I’d suggest putting the ‘start’ step before all the prior steps, and just figure it out as you go. At least you’ll be able to make plenty of mistakes to learn from.

There is a reason those that put in the 1%er’s each day, that read more than others, that practiced more, that took lessons from all their failures, that didn’t whinge, didn’t complain, didn’t blame, there is a reason those people are not only successful, but seem to always be kicking arse. It’s because: 1. They took the long road, and 2. They became the change they wanted to see (Ghandi). They accepted the responsibility that it was all on them, not on the type of advice they didn’t want to take. Even if the initial advice they received was shit, they would have taken that as a lesson in order to keep moving forward.

If you want a result for whatever issue you have. You need to do it yourself or else you won’t learn and you won’t change. You need to be the person you wish to become. If it gets done for you. You learn nothing. You don’t change. You will go back to where you were.

If you are in a miserable relationship and you’re complaining week in-week out to your bestie about how useless your man is. And she gives you the advice to talk about it with him, or leave his lazy arse. And you take neither, but continue to complain about him to your bestie… don’t expect to have a bestie for much longer.

If you are overweight and you’re complaining day in-day out to your wife about how you don’t want to be fat anymore. And she gives you all the support and help she can. And you continue to overeat and be inactive… don’t expect her to support you for much longer.

Your situation is not the problem. You are the problem.

I think you get the picture.

A little ranty, but a valid message.


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