My First 3 Months as a Podcast Host
Before I was asked to be a guest on Raise the Bar Radio’s 3rd episode back in February, I had never put much thought into podcasts and had barely listened to any. I knew it was a valuable space for quality learning, but I didn’t know where to start or what would be valuable to me.
Following my episode as a guest I realised a few things:
1/ I don’t mind hearing the sound of my own voice.
2/ I get a lot out of meaningful conversations, whether I’m involved in them or listening to them. So much more than wasting my time listening to drivel on the radio or flicking through c-grade tv shows on Netflix.
From that point onward I have barely listened a moment of the radio or Spotify in the car. It has been podcasts all the way… aannd a little SEN footy talk.
Here’s what I predominantly listen to:
Chasing Excellence with Ben Bergeron – so good for building a more positive mindset, creating good habits, setting goals, changing your outlook on everything, being more open minded.
The Mind Muscle Project – Quality guests on all things CrossFit and health. They tend to waffle on a bit sometimes, but there are some great listens.
The CrossFit Podcast – Lately they’ve been interviewing everyday people that have transformed their lives through CrossFit. Diabetes, fibromyalgia, obesity etc. Episodes are very long though.
AdventureFit Radio – Great guests, great banter, there’s even an episode on Game of Thrones!
Russell Brand – One of the funniest and most intellectual people going around. I just think he’s balanced interesting thoughts and total hilarity perfectly.
Raise the Bar Radio – I’ve listened to the complete back catalogue pre-me coming onboard and was a fan of what Nick was creating. It was clear he was setting the bar high and going all in on this venture.
I was finding so much value from these stations and their guests… things for my personal development, my coaching development, my business development and my development as an affiliate owner and leader in CrossFit in our area.
Why would I spend another minute listening to people call in to share their stories on their partners weirdest quirks, or the lengths they’ve gone to to get a selfie with a b-grade celeb, or their uneducated opinions about unimportant news stories that even the show hosts don’t have any knowledge about… when I could better myself, and enjoy it, while driving to and from the box and home?
I jumped at the opportunity to join Nick on Raise the Bar Radio.
I love it and I feel we are onto something big. Not because it may or may not go big. But because we are MAKING SURE it goes big. And I know the content we are delivering is good. We are both driven as all heck to turn this podcast into something incredibly valuable for everybody to listen to, and something that everyone WANTS to listen to.
Why is this podcast so important and so valuable?
Nick would agree with me 100% on this. First and foremost, it is serving our members by expanding what we do inside our 4 walls far beyond just exercises, mobility, community and nutritional guidance.
The people we are talking to… experts, coaches, athletes, our own members… all have an interesting story to tell that provides an underlying message, that if taken onboard will help us all to become better people…
  • Luke McMahon talked about not letting the uncontrollable control him, when Ricky Garard took his ticket to the Games while doping. Don’t complain about what you can’t control.
  • Craig Harper taught us that what is great and valuable to one person, means nothing to another. So don’t waste your time trying to please everyone. You can only be you.
  • Tamara Caspersz showed us that no matter how hard things get, all is not over. You can not only turn things around, but become the best version of you yet. Surround yourself with the people that are trying to support you and keep at it.
  • Tanya Williams inspired us to let go of all the little things we waste time fussing over and start focusing on what is more important in life.
  • David Parkin showered us with 75 years of wisdom. Culture and community is king and showing each other kindness, respect and having genuine interest in each others lives is more important than the skills and processes themselves. He showed us that even in our 50’s and 60’s, the way we do things can always be done better and to never close ourselves off to new ideas.
We’re only about 25 episodes down and just scratching the surface. But wow, if we can continue to have meaningful open conversations with more people at the rate we are currently going, how much value will this serve each and every one of us when we hit 50, then 100!
We’re onto something great guys.
If you haven’t tuned in yet, you can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube. If you are looking to better yourself and are unsure where to start/go next, this is the space to explore.
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