Hey all!


No Thursday blog today. Quite simply I have a too many plates to spin this week and I need to drop a couple. Unfortunately this didn’t make the cut. Which is HUGE because this is one of my top things to do each week.


Christmas time hey.




I still want to give to you. In 2 ways…


1/ I want to offer you some of my time. It won’t be immediate time, but I will certainly get back to every single person that reaches out.


Feel free to ask me anything, tips, advice, anything to do with anything. And I’ll promise to get back to you.


2/ If you’re a past gym member of ours OR someone who receives these emails, lives locally, but has never come to my gym. As someone who clearly reads at least some of my weekly ramblings, as thanks you’ve got a week at Valor on me. This will include time with me or another one of our phenomenal coaches to chat about your goals coming into 2020 and help set up an plan to make it a reality. I am very grateful to all those that read these, and I enjoy the conversations that follow. Thank you for reading.


Reply to this email now.




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