After 5 ½ years, CrossFit Cranbourne has a new Head Coach.
Shannon, who has developed into an absolute super instructor/educator/inspirer/leader, is now taking the reigns of such an important part to our gym.
Does that mean I am stepping back and fading away from CF Cranbourne? Heck no!
As hard as it is to hand over a role I love so damn much, I know how big of an impact it is going to make on our gym and how huge of a benefit it will be for our members.
For many years the majority of roles and tasks were completed by me. Coaching, programming, cleaning, planning, events, entering data, bills, tax, promoting, social media, appointment with members, goal setting, retention messages, the list is massive…
I have absolutely no idea how I used to do it!
Well I do…
I did it, but I couldn’t do it consistently, and I couldn’t do it all to the high standard it gets done now.
When I ran it all I made sure the most important things were running the best… fun and supportive community, great workouts and great coaching. Because that is the core of what we do.
Following that, every other task was completed at random, to the best I could do, not often enough and certainly not consistent enough. I was a headless chook. I know for damn sure I was giving it my all, but I know for damn sure it wasn’t to the standard my members deserved, and I know for damn sure we had members move on because I was unable to serve them the way they needed it.
This has been a two+ year plan to reach the stage where I can have two people by my side to ensure we ALWAYS provide the highest quality and most consistent service possible.
It looks a little like this…
After our first official meeting all I can say is… gear up you little legends, because you’re in for the ultimate gym experience.
Our plan is to have every base covered, every member feel cared for and known, every individual goal on track or achieved and celebrated, every error in movement corrected, every community event nailed, every fist bump given with a smile, every week delivering constant continual education in all the important areas of health, fitness and wellbeing, every class coached with the desire to give you the best hour of your day.
I genuinely and very very strongly feel that the CrossFit methodology is the very best methodology out there, not just for cool fitness and exercise prescription… but for changing lives, building (or regaining) self esteem, reversing chronic disease, developing a more positive, more supportive world and building the most physically capable humans on the planet. CrossFit IS a revolution of health and it is still in its infancy. We are the pioneers.
I also genuinely and very wholeheartedly believe that our box, CrossFit Cranbourne, is doing one hell of a job to uphold and deliver CrossFit, true CrossFit the way Greg Glassman intended it. And now that I have a team by my side, we are going to absolutely crush it, FOR YOU.
– Stu
PS – I know this next comment may either come across as arrogance or confidence depending on the reader, but… I also genuinely, truly, wholeheartedly and humbly believe that those that step in our doors, but let their worries stop them from giving a go at everything our box has to offer, are missing out, missing out on the opportunity to completely reshape their lives for the better.
I understand that the responsibility to help/guide/empower/convince a person that we will change them is entirely on me, and I will forever work on finding ways to make everybody feel like they can do this, because they can.
PPS – Nick and I just caught up with Australian CrossFit O.G. and Games Masters athlete Matt Swift yesterday for Raise the Bar Radio podcast. Our chat with him was MIND BLOWING! This will go live next Wednesday, but we will be releasing a short snippet this arvo at 3pm on CF Cranbourne Facebook where Matt talks about CHANGE in the most interesting analogy I had ever heard. It is not to be missed… It involves cheese.
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