Nah I Can’t Sorry


My weekly blog was due yesterday. You’re getting it today. That’s because yesterday… I didn’t write it.


It is the first Thursday I have missed ever since I began writing this blog. So after 59 weeks my consistent run has now been broken.


I love writing this blog. I love the feedback I get from people when something I have written has helped them in some way. I love how it challenges me to think more. I love that it helps me maintain a weekly routine. Writing every week is helping me become a better me. To me, it is worth a lot.


I chose not to write yesterday for a few reasons. Reasons that were more important than my blog.


Sometimes we get so caught up in our jobs and tasks and things we (think) we have to do, that we find ourselves with blinkers on. We get tunnel vision on our own business and end up becoming a little selfish, placing far too much importance on our stuff and placing little to none on others.


So when somebody is looking to occupy a little bit of your time and full attention, you know, your best mates, your mum or dad, your beautiful kids, how often do you say “no I can’t” or you just give 50% of your attention, or you leave early to go do that thing? When really… that thing could have waited, you probably could have quite easily changed your plans to spend some real quality time with those you care about most.


Then you do it again. And again. And again.


Then you start to wonder why your friends don’t reach out to you anymore, or why you and your kids have drifted apart.


We fear that if those “important” things are put on hold that the world will suddenly stop, that our house will implode, our boss will fire us and our bank balance will suddenly drop to -$100,000. We’ll be fucked.


So what do we do? We bail on the truly important things that deserve you now and keep occupying ourselves with the other stuff. The still important, the seemingly in-this-moment-in-my-selfish-bubble most important, but really, truly, in the overall scheme of things, not fucking important at all.


So instead of writing my blog, I got up early and drove 3 hrs out to the country to pick up Harper from her nannies house. We got back home by about midday.


Instead of getting her sorted and writing my blog, we went to Bunnings an kitted ourselves out with all we needed to build an awesome little veggie garden.


Instead of writing my blog, we got stuck right into it, built, planted, seeded, watered. Instead of writing my blog, we then headed down to CrossFit in hope there’d be another child there for her to play with, no luck.


Instead of writing my blog, we cooked dinner, had a shower (she taught me how to shampoo and condition correctly and she combed me a wicked part) and we all (Court too) watched Frozen together.


Guess what? The world still span!


My blog can wait.


Moments with Harper can’t.



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