So I now have these great systems for setting goals and crushing 2019 (see last weeks blog).. I am ready to go!

What is your goal? Have you had a good and proper think about it? Is it something that is going to bring you calm, happiness and fulfilment? Or is it something you maybe think you want or think it will bring you those things, but deep down you know there’s more to it?

Last week I wrote about attaching emotion and personal outcomes to your goal… how are you going to feel/what is actually going to happen when you achieve this?

This question is incredibly important. This is the part where you may realise that the goal you picked is actually not what you want at all, or, it goes so much further than that and you are going to have to reach a little deeper.

For example…

“My goal is to lose 12 kilos this year.”

For many people the depth of the detail for their goal ends here. Maybe on the inside you’ve given it more thought. But have you given it enough?

When defining what your goal is you need to ask yourself why. Not just once either. Over and over again until you are certain that this is what you want. 

The other thing you need to be is open minded. Try see your goal from all angles and all stances and look deep into why this is the goal you tithing you need. If you look at your goal with the exact same mindset as the last time around, are you going to do anything different this time? 

So, instead of defining your goal, the narrative should look a little more like this…

“My goal is to lose 12 kilos this year.”


“Because I’ve put on a bit too much weight.”


“Because I have been eating too much junk and have developed some bad habits. Plus I want to feel comfortable in a bikini again.”


(Eating junk) “Because I feel tired all the time and just can’t be bothered preparing healthy food. Junk helps me feel good when I’m feeling crap.”

(Bikini) “Because I don’t and haven’t since I was 20.”


(Junk) “Because I’m working long hours, my husband isn’t helping me enough at home… and maybe because the junk is making me feel gross an hour later.”

(Bikini) “Because since finishing school and having kids I am less social, so now not only am I a bit self conscious about how I look, I’m also a little awkward around people.”


(Junk) “Because I haven’t been communicating properly at work or at home. Instead of talking and helping them help me, I’ve just been doing it by myself because it is easier at the time.”

(Bikini) “Not making enough time to see my friends or go out publicly. Not taking enough personal care for myself.”

Rightyo! Now we are getting somewhere!

So, now we have realised that by just trying to fit in exercise and better food into our life, we aren’t necessarily going to succeed. Because there is SO MUCH more shit going on.

This year our friend needs to:

1/ Communicate better at home and at work
To allow her more time for herself, less stress and anger, more energy to look after herself
2/ Be more social. Get back in touch with her friends and start to get out in public places again.
To regain her social confidence and self esteem around friends and out in public areas.

Which will then:
Allow her the time and energy to eat better, exercise and put herself first.

Which will therefore:
Lead to the weight loss, bikini body and happiness she has so desired.

Don’t you have so much more confidence in this persons chances to smash her goals in 2019?

Now it’s your turn.

Happy Thursday!


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