There are two things that are grinding me at the moment, and I don’t think I can let one of them wait ‘til next week. So here goes both rants today.


  1. Searching for the quick fix to weight loss
  2. Stopping exercise altogether because of an injury
No matter how many people and how many times the FACT that the slow process method weight loss is the ONLY successful pathway is hammered into our heads, people STILL seem to avoid this truth and search for the quick fix.


  • Fad diets
  • Epically low calorie meal plans
  • Starving yourself
  • Buying into a gym challenge that promises 9kg in 6 weeks
  • Demonising all food and living off salad and dust
  • Fasting like mad and doing stupid amounts of cardio
  • Thinking fat burners are the answer to getting your tummy to shift when you’ve hit a slow point in your weight loss
  • Slimming teas
  • Diet hopping


And then inevitably you fail, tending to then do things like this…


  • Blaming the exercise program for your lack of weight loss… “not enough cardio, I feel I really lose weight when I do more cardio!” *this is so so, so, so so false
  • Blaming your trainer for not checking in on you soon enough
  • Cancelling your gym membership and throwing in the towel for the next 6-12 months
  • Blaming your boyfriend for eating more/worse food than you and ‘you just can’t help yourself when around him’
  • Blaming weekly social events for sinking 6+ tins of premix every week, followed by a kebab, followed by hangover large macca’s meal and a thick shake for breakfast.


When deep down, you know that you should have…


  • Asked for more help from your trainer because you know they love to help, they even gave you their personal phone number and said “reach me any time, I’m here for you”
  • Listened to the real advice and education provided about slow weight loss, balance, enjoying the process, trusting the process, being patient.
  • Taken responsibility for your own shortcomings and taken action to be better
  • Stopped avoiding the important stuff because it ‘’all seems too hard”


Do you know what is harder than listening to real evidence based advice and having the patience to take action on effective, sustainable, slow burning, long term nutrition?

Diabetes and bowel cancer.

Nah I’ll be fine…

No… No you won’t. You will suffer a chronic disease at an earlier age than you predict, you will be in and out of hospital, you won’t get to go on that round the world trip you’ve always wanted to go on, you won’t get to see your grandkids grow up, you will be bitter af.

Because you opted for the quick fix diet options for years on end, this is your road.


If you just took the long road you’d be all sweet by now. You’ll be kicking a ball around with your great grandkids instead, feeling a million bucks at the age of 90.

And it certainly ‘ain’t over. Every single person can achieve this. But only IF you pull your finger out of your arse, face facts, stop bs’ing yourself, harden up, pull up your sleeves and do it right! You got yourself into this mess, stop being a baby and hope someone will do it for you. They won’t.

Righty-o smartypants… Thanks for being a blunt jerk-off. What do I do?

This is EXACTLY how you manage your diet, simply, effectively and sustainably.

The only way to burn fat/lose weight is to consume less calories relative to how much you move. There is no other miracle answer. Every single ‘diet’ uses this concept, the creators of these diets just don’t tell you that or the jib is up!


  • Keto – involves fasting and eating high fat…
    • fasting = skipping a meal = consuming less calories
    • Eating high fat (fat is high in calories) = makes you feel more satiated (full) therefore reduces the desire to eat large portions of food / more frequent meals = consuming less calories
  • Meal replacements – low calorie meals
  • Paleo – High vegetables and lean meat, low complex carbohydrates = consuming lower calories


Etc etc etc….

So it doesn’t really matter what style of diet you choose, the desired outcome is still the same. My suggestion would be to pick a style of diet that you enjoy, because f**K me, who the heck wants to eat food that they genuinely hate!?!?

“Energy balance (calories in and out) is the ONLY nutritional strand which directly defines body composition” – Graeme Tomlinson

What does this mean? I still don’t understand…

What it means is… based off your sex, age, height and current weight… the amount of movement you do each day (exercise, walk, work) + your Basal Metabolic Rate (calories burned at rest) is your Total Daily Energy Expenditure
(TDEE). This COMPLETELY DETERMINES how much food you need to consume a day to either lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight.

Eg. If your TDEE is 2200cals a day, you need to consume less than that in order to lose weight. You should not go any lower than 500 calories in deficit than that number (1700), you also shouldn’t go from your previous diet of let’s say 2500 calories, immediately to 1700. Why? Because you are going to feel absolutely terrible! Low energy, low desire to go to work let alone exercise, 0 possibility of sustaining that number. You should begin with a 100cal deficit for 1 week, then a 200cal, then 250, then 300.. Step by step..

Does it matter what I eat to reach this number?

Technically, no. You WILL lose weight eating 1700cals of Mars Bars every day. A calorie is a calorie, is a calorie. A calorie of brocolli is the same as a calorie of chocolate. The same as a pound of feathers is the same as a pound of bricks.

So yes, you can jump on the Mars Bar Diet (I’m trademarking this so BACK OFF!). But of course we are going to lack in so many ways.. Severe lack of quality nutrition, lack of food making you hungry (1700cals of MB’s won’t go too far as opposed to 1700cals of veggies, berries, and lean meats.), terrible energy for the day, a sore tummy, constipation, sugar highs and sugar lows. I think you get my point.

But yes, you can include carbs, you can include fats.. Wait… which one was the enemy again? I’m lost. Are we only supposed to eat protein?

The upside to this Mars Bar truth is… YOU CAN INCLUDE THE FOOD YOU LOVE WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY!!!! Yeeehhaaaa!

GTFO are you serious?


“Energy balance is the ONLY nutritional strand which directly defines body composition” – Graeme Tomlinson

So if your day looks like this…



Oats with almond milk and honey (397cals)



2 Prawn Sushi Rolls (340 cals)



Grass Fed Beef Curry meal by Fitness Outcomes *sold at IGA they are amazing (365cals)



1 x serve Whey Protein (114cals)


¼ cup Almonds (168cals)


20 Raspberries (20cals)


20 Blueberries (20cals)


1 Banana (105 cals)

Total 1525 calories

Guess what?… if you want a 60c cone from Macca’s (146cals)


1671 calories from at 1700cal planned deficit. You could even fit in a coffee with a dash of milk!

You’ve included protein in just about every meal ✅


You’ve included a great range of micronutrients essential for all bodily functions (berries, bananas, veggies) ✅


You’ve maintained a calorie deficit ✅

Sure you could make your day more nutrient dense to help your insides feel a little better, but… Imma just leave this here for you one more time…

“Energy balance is the ONLY nutritional strand which directly defines body composition” – Graeme Tomlinson

So if fat loss is your goal but you struggle with things like:


  • Sticking to a diet plan that eliminates ALL treats
  • Feeling epic guilt when consuming ‘demonised’ foods, leading to throwing in the towel and going on a big ‘ol guilt binge


Then this should be the option for you.

But… Calorie counting!! Can’t it become really obsessive and problematic???!?

You know what? I used to think this too.. But when you realise these facts above (especially to STOP DEMONISING ‘BAD’ FOOD and to pick a gradual deficit) it is not as obsessive as you might think.


You track, you learn, you begin to understand how much food is what, and over time you rely less on needing to track every day…. I’ll explain further below.

Here’s how it is…

Not paying attention to your bank account when you know you’re a bad spender ends up in financial disaster. The same goes for not paying attention to how much food you consume when you know you’re a bad food consumer.


It is probably a good idea to start paying a little more attention to what you’re spending or your bank balance ‘aint gonna improve… ahem… you’re not going to lose weight.

All of this information is available on our online nutrition course. To all of my members that are after fat loss, are notgetting the results they want, but have yet to do the course… you’ve been warned. It is THE MOST VALUABLE tool in this box, more valuable to you than our f**king awesome CrossFit coaching. And that is saying something. If you complain about the fact that you are struggling with weight loss (or muscle gain, soz guys I haven’t forgotten you), but you haven’t done the course that Krysten and I carefully crafted, get to work. Then come catch up with us with any help or questions. We want to help you so badly. The info on this course will help us work together so fluidly.

If you aren’t a CF Cranbourne member but still want some nutrition help, our course is now live to subscribe to for just $12 a month. No contract. Give it a go and we will ensure you crush it! There’s also a free health 101 course there too, covering a few nutrition tips, mobility, mindset and CrossFit.

Want to try this for yourself without using the course? Here are the first steps…

  1. Download ‘My Net Diary’ app, I don’t like My Fitness Pal.
  2. Head to https://tdeecalculator.net and enter your data to get your calories.
  3. Do what I said earlier… small deficit first… same for gaining, small surplus. Baby steps.
  4. Track every day for at least 2 weeks in the beginning.. it is easier if you eat fairly similar meals most days. Once you have a fair idea of what each normal day is like, stop tracking and continue on. Once every few weeks check back in just to make sure you’re still in track.
  5. Don’t demonise ‘bad’ food. If you want to have something you love, HAVE IT! Just keep it within your range and make sure the rest of your day is nutrient dense (veggies and fruit). Also, stop calling it BAD food. Stop telling yourself what you are doing is wrong… I’ll just remind you of something one last last time… “Energy balance is the ONLY nutritional strand which directly defines body composition”.
  6. If you have a big social event coming up, no worries… the 2 days leading up just drop your calories another 2-300 back, then you have allowed yourself another 600, plus if you still go over you most likely won’t go into a surplus, at worst you will MAINTAIN for the week (yeah, you can times your daily TDEE by 7 and plan your week instead). Now you don’t have any EXCUSE to just write the entire week off because you ‘stuffed up’. You didn’t, you planned for it and managed your energy balance… if you’re still worried, hit that dance floor, HARD!


And there you have it, this is THE BEST way to finally make your diet stick. If you want more help, come down and become a member here. We don’t just do fitness, we’re here aiming to cover all bases for you. We bloody love our jobs and thrive off helping you succeed. It’s the best $55-$60 a week you’ll spend for your health. Many of us don’t make our health our no.1 priority, we tend to make our work our priority, which 90% of the time directly affects our health negatively, which is a shame, because without it you ain’t much use to anyone or yourself.

The work:completely ignoring your health because of work life balance is a whole other rant. Stay tuned.


Moral of future rant…




The amount of times I’ve had somebody stop exercising because work got busy, only to see them stack on 10kg 4 months down the track is not even surprising anymore, it’s the f**king norm and it BLOWS MY MIND!



And that leads me to…

2. USING AN INJURY AS AN EXCUSE TO CEASE EXERCISING ALTOGETHER UNTIL SAID INJURY HAS ‘HEALED’ (but is now weaker as a result because you did 0-minimum movement/rehab)

I’ll leave this one for now, I think we’ve covered enough for a day. I’m sure you have a feeling about where I will go with this… but we’ll cover that soon.


Happy Thursday!


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Check out and follow all of these people, they cut the bs and keep it real and simple.


Then, unfollow every person out there trying to convince you that your hormones and/or food intolerances are the reason for your inability to lose weight. It is false.

Krysten Pierre – Nutrition Coach & Cranbourne member – insta @nourishedfitnessandnutrition


Martin MacDonald – Mac Nutrition University – Evidence Based Nutrition – insta @martinnutrition


Graeme Tomlinson – Nutrition Coach – insta @thefitnesschef_


James Smith – Online PT and social media leader of no BS health & fitness info – @jamessmithpt
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