How funny, the moment we all come to realise how close it is until our gym reopens, is the very same moment a bunch of tossers start flogging their “Industry Secrets to Fat Loss” sponsored ads on Facebook. 

Fuck off.

Yes I understand you are desperate to get some clients back, but why do you have to lie and mislead in order to do so? How do you sleep at night?

I get it, you’re desperate for clients and potential clients are desperate to get back in shape. Everyone’s desperate. 

But fuck me, the quick fix doesn’t work. For either of you!

They fail, like they always do, because they are always looking for a quick fix, as opposed to fixing the root cause… their daily habits, ingrained behaviours, and lack of purpose, values and grit. 

You fail, because you don’t establish any long term clients. Because quick fixers will do what quick fixers do best… fail your program, blame your program, move onto the next program. Leaving you constantly spending all of your time, energy and money on acquiring new clients. 

You’re both as bad as each other!

To trainers and gyms, sell the truth. In the beginning it takes longer and requires a lot more work, but once the seeds have been sowed, you can enjoy helping great people achieve great things. You can enjoy a fulfilling career in fitness! 

To those desperate to regain their pre-’Rona bodies. I am going to try my best to quick-fire you some facts and tips. Here we go:

  1. Rapid fat loss doesn’t exist. If someone is trying to sell you weight loss in as little as a few weeks. You won’t be losing fat. You’ll be losing muscle. 
  2. Fat burners don’t work.
  3. You don’t need supplements in order to lose weight.
  4. You don’t have to intermittent fast (but you can if you want to).
  5. Eating after 5pm doesn’t cause weight gain.
  6. Training incredibly hard in the gym is not as effective for fat loss as just moving more throughout the day:

Training incredibly hard in the gym with the desire to burn fat, where you become so sore/injured that you are unable to move much during the day is far far less effective than training mildly in the gym, allowing you the energy and ability to actively move the rest of the day. Your gym workout contributes to 5-8% of energy spent in your day, your daily movement can contribute up to 20%. Play to the percentages. 

  1. Low carb diets are idiotic and extremely difficult to maintain. Living off minimal carbs not only affects your energy levels, but it affects your ability to think, process information, do your job properly and enjoy life.

There is no magic pill or quick fast option. Your desire for such a thing is the reason you are currently struggling to get out of this situation. 

We need to define some values and some purpose. When we have values and purpose, we can develop passion. When we have a passion for something, we develop greater grit (ability to stick with a goal). With great values, purpose and passion, we have a better, more long term source of patience and motivation. 

Hopefully during this whole pandemic experience you have had some time to reflect on what you truly value in life and what things you may have been giving too much attention too, or wasting your valuable time on. If so, great! We are on the track to defining some values and purpose!

So if after all of this you decide you want to be healthier, leaner, fitter. Ask yourself why. Why do you want that? Is it to feel more respected? To regain your wife’s interest in you? To be a good role model for your kids? To feel more confident in social situations? To avoid chronic disease and early death? To have a genuine impact in your sport, rather than just be a benchwarmer? To feel a sense of pride and achievement? To prove to yourself that you can do anything!?

Which purpose do you desire the most? Which one gives you that melting hot feeling? Which one makes you go “I WANT THAT”?

Now, are you willing to struggle for it? Are you willing to hurt? Are you willing to have to wait, dial up internet style, for it? If not… maybe you don’t want it as bad as you think. 

But you do!? Okay, well, keep searching for a greater purpose that you are willing to struggle for.

Once you have found it. Lets keep it simple.

Move more, eat less. 

Move a little more than yesterday. Cut back on the shit you know you shouldn’t eat so much of. Don’t cut it out, cut it back.

Move a little more again, eat a little better.

Be patient.


Focus your attention on the things you value, your purpose. Not the end result. Focus on now. Enjoy the process of what you are doing. The walks, the workouts. Be in the moment. 

Focus on the moment and the enjoyment and the things you care about most and the results will become a by-product of your efforts. 

Focus on improving the quality of your squat and your running time around your estate. Focus on enjoying the long walks and rides with your kids and dogs. Focus on celebrating someone else’s success in the gym and just enjoy being there. 

The goal will happen, if you stick to it, if you play the long game, if you focus on being in the moment rather than impatiently waiting for the result. I guarantee you that the end result won’t ever feel as sweet as the memories of the work you put in and the moments you enjoyed along the way. 

It’s a fucking journey, not a destination.