I am going to keep it short and sweet today, because I am absolutely knackered.

The overnight flight home from Bali absolutely crushed me. Court and Harper managed to sleep a little, but I reckon I got no more than 20mins. So today has been reserved for sleeping… brain not work good today.

On the topic of flying though… how incredible is it that we can jump in to a bus with wings and zoom across to the other side of the world in no more than a day!? 

120 years ago the only things flying were birds and bugs! 

How mind blowing is it that we have access to just about every single piece of information the world has ever accumulated, can contact just about anybody in a matter of seconds, can book tickets, write a manuscript, watch events in real time, order food, organise transport… literally anything… all on this tiny little device that fits in our pocket.

20 years ago all we could do with a mobile phone was make a call, text like this… 555,666,888,33,0,88, emoji like this… :-), and play snake. Smartphones are god damn astonishing little devices.

It is incredible how quickly we take things for granted.

The moment our phone freezes, the moment signal drops out briefly, the moment we can find what we are looking for in more than 20 seconds… we lose it. 

“Oh you piece of shit!”


This little bugger has helped you 1000 times over just today alone, yet you’re now pissed at it because it froze on you during the middle of a Fail Army video?

C’mon now.

Then the next model comes out and in an instant we look at our current phone with disgust. 

“You rotten, old, slow, inferior piece of $1200 junk! I banish thee to ‘Junkus Drawerus’ from this day, ‘til the end of days!”

I think we are like this because as humans we are always looking to improve and do things better. The moment we’ve conquered something we immediately look to what is next and how we can better it. Which is great! It is why we have gotten to where we are now. From walking, to horse and cart, to motorised cars to electric cars. From cup and string, to the telegraph, to the centennial, to the wall phone with the curly cord, to the Nokia 3310, to smartphones. 

If we didn’t constantly seek to be better, we wouldn’t have what we have now. 

What we must make sure we do here and there, is just stop for a moment and recognise and appreciate how amazing we’ve got it. We are living in the absolute greatest time ever to live. Yet we allow ourselves to get caught up in the most trivial of bullshit. Bullshit that wouldn’t have even existed had we not invented some of the most incredible things. 

You’re so shitty that you absolutely flip your lid at the tv because you got shot again on Fortnite? Well… at least you’re not getting hung for stealing some bread to feed your starving family while they’re all dying from some incurable parasite that has swept 60% of your country, because modern medicine doesn’t yet exist.

Extreme Stu? Yeh totally.

Truth though? 100% the truth of our history. 

We’re a lucky bunch. Let’s make sure we don’t forget to remind ourselves of that from time to time.