Last week was Will Smith’s 50th birthday. For Will Smith’s 50th birthday, he bungee jumped… out of a helicopter… over the Grand Canyon. It was epic. If anyone has loosely followed along to Will Smith’s life, his YouTube, social media, interviews etc, you’d know he holds some pretty fantastic values that really define his success that shine out well above the successes we perceive to be most important, his on-camera/celeb success. From what I observe you could narrow his top values down to these few things… Family Gratitude Not taking yourself too seriously Courage Watching his live jump on YouTube yesterday, followed by his reaction video, you could see all of these values on display… His family’s love and support for each other, their gratitude to the people that made this event happen, the having a laugh at himself with the people around him and having the courage to face his fears and commit to something big. In the ‘Will Reacts’ video (and prior videos earlier in the week and year) he talks about what the whole point of this jump was. It wasn’t to say, “hey I’m a celebrity look at me!” It wasn’t to show off what he is capable of achieving with all the spare cash he has lying around. It was to show people that if you really want something, but you’re scared, but you’re worried that it will all blow up in your face, that you will fail, you have to find the courage and commit! He talks about FEAR being the thing that stops us from experiencing all the remarkable things in the world. As a child his family visited the Grand Canyon, but he was too scared to walk to the edge, “too scared to take in beauty”. He missed out on experiencing the beauty The Grand Canyon has to offer because of his fears. “If you’re scared you’re not going to take the chances you need to take to realise your dreams”. Following the jump Will watched back on the footage, this was his first message: “If you’re scared you’re not going to take the chances you need to take to realise your dreams. Its like, life is hard right? Its like, yeah you might get hurt. You know, your heart might get broken. Young know, its like, you might lose your job. But you still gotta commit! Right you know what I mean? And it’s like, you meet somebody and you like her and she likes you… and you’re hesitating. Don’t hesitate! Go! Commit! You gotta commit! You know. You might get hurt, you might lose something. But its like, you can’t experience the joy that is intended for you if you don’t GO! You gotta go man.” :-O Time to commit hey If you think we can help you face your fears and reach that dream. Get in touch with us. We are running FREE TRIAL classes every week. Don’t delay, get in now and we will guide you through your problem solving journey. We guarantee the very best gym experience. Head to and book in now! We created a FREE ONLINE 101 COURSE. A set of short-course modules on topics including nutrition, mindset, recovery, weightlifting and CrossFit. To sign up, hit this and fill in your deets. Then click the ‘101’ course. This course is available to EVERYONE! Our complete full comprehensive A-Z online NUTRITION course is now live and available to non-CrossFit Cranbourne box members. For only $12 a month (cancel anytime) we give you ALL the tools and ALL the support to nail your nutrition once and for all! If you aren’t addressing your diet you won’t get results. SIGN UP NOW! Click this link. Stu.