Welcome to the CrossFit Cranbourne Christmas Survival Guide!

In part 2 we discuss tips 3 & 4, Eat Big on Christmas (and don’t you dare feel guilty about it) and Get Back on Track.

Eat Big on Christmas

And don’t you dare feel guilty about it! We work our butt’s off all year so we can kick back and enjoy the holiday season, so do not let that devil on your shoulder make you feel bad for it. Enjoy feasting with your family and don’t forget tip number 1, be healthy and drop your calories back the following few days, sorted! If you still want to be a little careful on X-Mas Day, try this tip: – Slow down when you eat. Savor every bite and every smell. Take the time to catch up with your friends and family, put down your utensils between every bite, and enjoy speaking with your loved ones! Listen to your body, when it tells you it is full (and not stuffed) – stop! Eating slowly, and enjoying your food till you’re satisfied, means you’ll eat less, but enjoy your food more!

Get Back on Track

Following the festive season it can be quite hard getting back into your regular training routine. You don’t feel as fit, you feel sluggish, you fear the impending doom of some serious DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)… It is all pretty damn daunting hey. Here are a couple of tips to get yourself going again: – Don’t forget tip number 2. If you get yourself to keep moving over the holiday period, even if it is every 2nd or 3rd day and the intensity has backed off, expect to find yourself in far greater condition than if you spend the entire season not leaving your fold out chair. – Lower your expectations. Many people come back from a break knowing that they will have de-conditioned a little, but still expect themselves to train at their peak level. This commonly leads to disappointment when you return and occasionally the ‘why even bother’ attitude. So when you start back, leave your ego at home, drop the intensity a little, drop the weights back a bit and just enjoy your session. Do this for your first 3-4 sessions back and you’ll be less sore, your fitness will be back on track and most importantly, you will find your motivation booming back in no time. You don’t have to be an exercise machine EVERY session. There you have it! Pick your days, keep moving, eat big on Christmas (and don’t you dare feel guilty about it) and get back on track. Follow this tips and will you not only be able to hit 2018 with a bang, but you will enjoy a guilt free holidays!