Welcome to the CrossFit Cranbourne Christmas Survival Guide!

In part 1 we discuss tips 1 & 2, Pick Your Days and Keep Moving.

Pick Your Days

We all enjoy a good feast and a drink or three over the holiday period. But if you plan to stay in reasonable shape, don’t be a pig every day of the holidays. Pick the few social events you want to indulge and enjoy with your friends and family and go for it. But on those down days make an effort to back off your calories a little and make a few wiser choices. You don’t have to be a saint every day, but if you are hoping to feel good enough to train hard when 2018 kicks off, remind yourself how hard it is to start from the bottom. Keeping to a loose routine will make starting back a whole tonne easier. In saying this, be open to spurr of the moment events. Things pop up over this period you wouldn’t have planned for, friends show up, spontaneous adventures happen. Don’t be that guy/girl that says no to an opportunity because it isn’t within your holiday eating plan. Christmas time in Australia is one of the best times of the year, warm weather, parties and adventures. If you say no because of your ‘diet’, don’t expect an invite next year. They’re the moments you are going to miss out on. Instead, say yes, enjoy, make memories, and maybe do a little fasting the next couple of days, sorted!

Keep Moving

It’s summer, no better time to be out, active, trying something new. The gym is open all holidays and the vibe is great during X-Mas, so get in and enjoy some workouts. If you don’t feel like giving it 100% because you’re full of Christmas cake, that’s fine, you don’t need to go hard every day. Get sweaty, get puffed, high five some friends and enjoy yourself. CrossFit’s ‘Fitness in 100 Words’ article has always encouraged us to try new sports regularly. We build this super fit, super efficient bodies to be better at life right? Let’s use them! Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, hiking… get out and try something new! Lastly, if you are out on holidays and would love to rip a quick WOD, check out the list of on-the-road workouts below. There is heaps of training you can do without equipment! Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of our Christmas Survival Guide!

On-The-Road WOD’s

#1 3 Rounds For Time: Run 800m 50 Air Squats #2 10 Rounds For Time: 10 Pushups 10 Sit ups 10 Squats #3 For Time: 200 Air Squats #4 5 Rounds For Time: Run 200m 10 Squats 10 Push Ups #5 3 Rounds For Time: Run 200m 25 Pushups #6 3 Rounds For Time: 10 Handstand Pushups Run 200m #7 20 Rounds For Time: 5 Pushups 5 Squats 5 Situps #8 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sets of sit-ups and a 100 meter sprint between each set #9 Spend a total of 5 minutes in a handstand #10 3x 1min plank hold 1min dead hang in hollow body 1min rest then… ANNIE 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Situps #11 3 Rounds For Time: 15m Lizard Crawl 15m Crab Walk 15m Duck Walk 15m Handstand Walk (attempts, or 5 Wall Walks) Run 400m #12 21-15-9 Kipping HSPU Ring Dips (sub for any form of dips if no rings) Push Ups #13 Tabata Hollow Rocks/Hollow Hold on floor (Tabata = 8 rounds, 20sec on, 10 sec rest) then… 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Burpees Air Squats