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We are the answer to the failures of the fitness industry. We provide you the skills, knowledge, motivation, care and support to help you become so empowered with your health and fitness, that you will never need to put yourself through a fad diet or 6-week fat loss challenge ever again.

You will enjoy sustainable health, forever.

The Right Fit for You


With constantly varied workouts, a dynamic community to train and ongoing support with your nutrition and mind, Valor is not just another boring gym fad… it is a state of mind, a philosophy and a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, as Valor is suited to people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment. Get started with our amazing ELEMENTS trial class specifically designed for beginners to discover if Valor is the right fit for you.

Step One


Discover what Valor is all about over our beginner Fundamentals and On-Ramp classes. Gain confidence and competency with our fundamental movements, receive nutritional guidance to get you started and learn all about how we will ensure you achieve the change you desire.

Step Two


You are ready to go! Once you have completed the Beginner Classes you are ready to jump in to our regular classes. All classes are coached by our highly experienced team, with the intent to not only give you a great workout, but provide you the very best hour of your day.

You will also receive an easy to follow meal plan to get your journey started right!

Step Three


During your first week we will book you in with one of our coaches for a 1-on-1 opportunity to chat all about you and your hopes and wishes upon starting at Valor. We will help you set up a plan for success. With sustainability the number 1 priority, we will ensure that we create a plan you can stick to and maintain.



Our gym uses is a unique 3 pillar system. We have identified the 3 most important pathways to overcoming barriers and achieving lasting success in your physical health, your mental health and you overall fitness…

Fitness, Nutrition and the Mind.

People come to a gym for change. Most commonly for physical fitness, strength, weight loss, muscle gain, improved self esteem & confidence and to feel a sense of belonging. Traditionally, gyms tend to focus predominantly on and occasionally achieve success in the area of physical fitness, they get a little lost in the world of nutrition, and have a history of doing more harm than good to a client’s mental health.

No gym is yet to succeed in consistently delivering long term, sustainable, life changing success by effectively delivering a quality service in all three areas of fitness, nutrition and the mind.


The Valor methodology. Applying the concepts of CrossFit, with a major focus on the everyday person, as well as emphasising the importance of daily low impact activity:

Our Coaching

We focus on teaching, developing and ensuring quality movement practices. Helping you to move well for your safety and confidence is our priority, once we establish that we work on adding load and intensity to your workouts.

Our Beliefs

We believe in fitness for all, with workouts that are completely modifiable to not only suit all walks of life, but ensure that each individual is training in alignment with their goals and values. Developing strength & conditioning should not only build stronger fitter humans, but prevent injury, rehabilitate injury and overcome imbalances.

Our Programming

Engaging and enjoyable workouts designed to both educate and challenge our members. Covering a wide range of fitness and movement methods to ensure an all encompassing fitness program.


Getting you to move more outside of the gym. Many people go to the gym, but far too often that is where it stops. In order to achieve common goals desired in the gym, people do not need to add MORE gym sessions. People do not need to add further intense training sessions outside of the gym either. We just need to move more.

We focus on the importance of increasing your daily NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), which is the emphasis to include more low impact activity away from the gym or outside your sport. eg. walking more, taking the stairs, parking at the furthest car park etc.


Valor Nutrition Meal Plans

The most effective way to kick off your journey to improved nutrition is one you will stick to. Our meal plans start you off steadily and intelligently. Fuelling you for your day, promoting fat loss, providing quality nutrition and making sure there is room for the things you love. Absolutely 0 excessive and debilitating calorie restricting or fad dieting.

4-Step Nutrition Pathway

Ongoing nutritional education guiding you on everything you need to know and the things you need not fuss about. Providing you with the tools to effectively make positive change without overwhelming you. We break down nutrition into four step by step stages to help you develop sustainable nutritional habits, as opposed to the common unhealthy food restriction methods.


In terms of health, our mind is our most neglected organ. Most people join a gym with the goal to lose weight or build muscle, but rarely do we dig deeper on the ‘why’ behind these goals.

In most cases, people want to achieve fat loss or muscle gain not only for the physical benefits, but more importantly for the mental benefits… boosting confidence, improving self esteem, managing and overcoming anxiety and depression, finding a sense of belonging, living a more positive lifestyle…

By teaching and implementing practices to encourage the growth and development of our mind, we can help you to define a greater definition of success, gain valuable perspective of ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing, find more gratitude and happiness in your life and actually achieve the ‘true’ success you set out for when joining a gym in the first place.

We Love Changing Lives


The thing I love about Valor is the people, the coaches… Everything is all connected. You can ask everything and you get everything in return.

Mardi’s Story
Mumma of 4

I sleep better, I’m eating better, I care a lot more about myself than I ever have before…

Bethy’s Story
Marketing Manager at Montague Apples

My first session at Valor made me think about all the years I’d been going to the gym and not only wasting my time, but probably doing more damage.

Kris’s Story


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Valor is defined as ‘great courage shown on the battlefield.’ In today’s modern world, most of us will not face the battlefields like the original definition intends. But as humanity evolves new battlefields have emerged, battlefields that still require great courage in order to be overcome. 

As we become more sedentary, as the abundance of energy dense food becomes even easier to obtain and as we struggle more and more with our inner selves in this ‘socially networked’ world, we need to show more valor than ever to overcome the battlefields of fitness, nutrition and our mind.